Cardabbean is a virtual Caribbean style metaverse built on the Cardano blockchain where you can purchase your own private island in the Cardabbean Islands.

The Cardabbean Metaverse

Create, explore and relax in the Cardabbean private islands owned by its users. Built on the Cardano Blockchain.

What is a metaverse and what is the Carddabean metaverse?

A metaverse is a virtual-reality space in which users can interact with a computer-generated environment and other users. In our case the environment is a tropical island setting and the users are a community of islanders with future plans of simulations of relaxation, interactive games, music and good vibes across the entire Cardabbean Community.

Take a stress free relaxing vacation with endless fun in the Cardabbean Islands. A mapped out body of water with 50,000 isolated private islands each with their own coordinates to locate your private ownership of a position in the Cardabbean metaverse. Strategic parcels will be utilized as portals for Metaverse interoperability to Pavia, The Sandbox, Decentraland and others.

Every island owner will have a share of PinacolADA, a token that will be used in the future of the Cardabbean metaverse .

What is PinacolADA? (TOKENOMICS)

PinacolADA is the official currency in the Cardabbean metaverse. with a supply of 1,000,000,000,000, 80% of the total supply of PinacolADA token will be distributed via airdrop, our faucet, third parties as well as direct sales to the entire community of Cardabbean Island holders and extra PinacolADAs will be added to the Tropical Charles NFT holder’s wallet.

20% of the supply of PinacolADA will be held by the founders for future marketing incentives, maintenance, and to further benefit the community as a whole.

Tropical Charles CNFT

The first ever community designed NFT collection . A collection of 5,000 one of a kind "Tropical Charles NFTs." Charles Hoskinson will receive his own island from Cardabbean. We don't give a damn if he takes it or not. It will be developed on his island! Period. If you discover Tropical Charles strolling around his island, you may listen to what he has to say. Only ticket holders with a limited quantity of Tropical Charles NFT will be allowed access to his island. Simply list your NFT in markets places and flip it after you've visited the island and become weary of Charles. We ask our community to help us to design Tropical Charles by sharing your ideas.


PatreoNFT is a non-censorship media solution for journalists, podcasters, gamers, singers, bands and anyone involved in education, that allows them to provide exclusive content to a specific audience.

The "content creator" who owns that specific island, similar to any other membership service, will be able to mint a specific number of NFTs to use as a ticket to gain access to that island.

1,000 islands will be off-limits to visitors. Only accessible via a script that scans the digital wallet for that specific NFT location that occurs when the user/player approaches one of the teleportation cannons, displaying all of the available destinations. In other words, the Media Island owner will use the NFT as an access ticket to deliver unique content to its PatreoNFT subscribers. On a stage that looks a lot like a concert stage, this will be available for live interactions using your game avatar or video and audio broadcasting of exclusive content.

Cardanopuzzle logo
Cardano Puzzle will bringing their Puzzle-Bingo style Discord games into the Cardabbean metaverse. They will also host scavenger hunts with a variety of prizes in the Cardabbean metaverse.

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