Digital Gold Ecosystem

The Digital Gold Ecosystem is a three Token ecosystem that specializes in virtual mining, collectable NFTs, retro gaming and a user friendly browser interface.

The Digital Gold Ecosystem project is a three token ecosystem that seeks to facilitate people’s entry into digital assets and blockchain technology. Utilizing a gamified approach to provide rewards and incentives to its holders, the Digital Gold Ecosystem is an innovative project that seeks to bring new concepts, products and services to the Cardano blockchain.

Digital Gold Token is the lead token in the ecosystem. It serves as the catalyst behind our innovative Virtual Mining System. Holders who have the required minimun amount of Digital Gold in their wallets will be able to utilize a Mining Permit NFT to gain rewards. Rewards for Virtual Mining are given in Digital Silver and Digital Diamond Tokens.

Digital Silver Tokens are the main work horse and utility token in the Digital Gold Ecosystem. Used as the main rewards and transactional token, Digital Silver is distributed every 5 days via the Virtual Mining System. Hold as much as you can because it is the main way to earn the Digital Diamond Token.

Digital Diamond Tokens are an ultra rare reward and governance token that is meant to be collectable and powerful. If a virtual miner has a NFT Mining Permit and Digital Silver Tokens, they will earn Digital Diamond Tokens every quarter.


Digital Gold Token holders who have the required minimum amount of Digital Gold in their wallets will be able to utilize the Mining Permit NFTs to gain rewards. These NFTs will be rare and released in different series. Their purpose is to provide the holder with the ability to virtually mine Digital Silver every epoch. The amount of Digital Silver mined will be based on the Mining Permit NFT held in the wallet and the amount of Digital Gold in the wallet.

In addition, wallets holding a minimum of 1000 Digital Gold Tokens and 1000 Digital Silver Tokens will be rewarded with the ultra-rare Digital Diamond Tokens. Disbursement of Digital Diamonds will occur on a quarterly basis. The amount of Digital Diamonds rewarded will vary depending on the amount of Digital Silver Tokens in a wallet. The reward amounts will be tiered, the more Digital Silver Tokens a community member has the more Digital Diamonds a member will receive.

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