A smart contract based marketplace for Cardano NFT collections where NFTs are organized by collection. offers a minimalistic and easily navigable Cardano NFT marketplace. NFTs that are for sale on the Cardano NFT marketplace are placed at the top of each collection's page, and clicking on a specific NFT provides the viewer with its rarity traits.

A transaction fee of 2% is charged by the marketplace; it is assumed that this is taken from amount the seller receives.

The above mentioned transaction fee is in addition to any fees charged by the creator of the NFTs. It is not mentioned if these are fees that the creator wrote into the original smart contract or if the creator programs these fees into the site themselves.

The smart contracts for this marketplace are open sourced and can be found on this github.

An NFT Launchpad have a launchpad that assists and advises aspiring NFT artists with launching their project, so they can spend more time focusing on their art. provide the creators with:

  • A guaranteed listing on
  • Help with the minting process
  • Mentorship from well known Cardano NFT projects
  • Marketing (Twitter shoutouts from's Twitter account)
  • Scam prevention tips (for both the creator and the community they create)

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