A hub for Cardano NFT news with a own minting engine for creators. They also list multiple different resources for NFTs on Cardano and other Cardano resources.

The resources that CNFT Hub lists include:

  • DEXs
  • CNFT Drop Calendars
  • Gaming Projects
  • CNFT Marketplaces
  • Rarity Tables
  • Podcasts

The CNFT Hub minting engines can be used for random asset selection (lottery style drops) or simple iterative drops. Besides that their minting engine also:

  • Fits CIP0027 (royalties standards)
  • Features full entropy for completely randomized drops
  • Allows people to purchase up to 10 tokens at a time
  • Supports flat pricing or pricing that ramps up
  • Has a Discord bot announcing remaining NFT count
  • Efficiently fee of minimum fee and minimum ADA requirements

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