Ranking Cardano NFT projects by sales volume, floor price, and quantity of NFTs sold. Metrics are available over various time periods. 3k projects and counting.

cNFT is a clean and simple tool for viewing the collated sales data of over 3000 Cardano NFT project. This data is drawn from multiple marketplaces -with the largest, by far, being with more marketplaces being added as NFT projects add smart contract based marketplaces to their website. The sales data displayed on cNFT can be viewed over 6 time periods:

  • 1hr
  • 12hrs
  • 24hrs
  • 7 Days
  • 30 Days
  • All Time

If you're looking for a particular NFT collection you can search their listing using the NFT collection's name or the policy ID.

cNFT also shows how many NFTs have been minted in a particular collection, how many wallets hold those NFT, and how many of the minted NFTs have been sold on the secondary market.

Projects are listed on cNFT once at least two sales of those NFTs have been made on secondhand marketplaces.

OpenCNFT have open sourced their API here. The only ask that users cite the source of their data by including a link to the OpenCNFT homepage.

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