CNFT Predator

CNFT Predator is a Chrome Extensions that allows you to get alerts for new listings below a certain price, rarity, or for specific traits.

CNFT Predator Sniping Extension Guide An extensive guide to the most advanced sniping tool for Cardano NFTs

Welcome hunters, You must have stumbled here because you want to get ahead, you want to have an advantage, to dominate. You are in the right place. Let me show you how.

Public features

  1. Rarity injection populates the listing feed with the CNFT Jungle rank and rarest trait info.
  2. Drop Huntdown - a drop reminder, which lets you select a drop and put a browser notification reminder that it will start soon.
  3. Rarity Check - a quick rarity check using the CNFT Jungle rarity database which consists of all collections on Cardano, literally.

Apex only features

  1. NFT Hunt  -  a place where all hunts begin.
  2. Saved Hunts  -  list of currently active and stopped hunts.
  3. Floor Harpoon  -  a dynamically adjusted hunt that watches the floor changes.
  4. Rarity Check and Drop Huntdown  -  are at the moment the same as in the public tab, however, it will get more advanced data like asset valuation in the coming versions.
  5. Settings  -  control how you receive notifications, which marketplaces to run hunts on, etc.

Now let's go into the hunts in more detail.

NFT Hunt

Sniping is the core functionality of the extension and there are at the moment 3 available types of it: single asset hunt, price hunt, and floor harpoon. All the hunts rely on the real-time listing feed from the supported marketplaces so you never miss a snipe.

  1. Single asset hunt allows you to search for either a specific asset number, specific asset name, or regular expression to match the asset name. The regular expressions if used wisely would allow you to hunt for Pavia areas or similar advanced features. If you are searching for a single asset you can leave the price field empty so the price won't be capped.

  2. Price hunts allow you to watch for new listings whose price is below the maximum price you enter when starting a hunt.

  3. Floor harpoon is very similar to price hunts, it also looks for the listings below the floor price, however, it dynamically adjusts it every 5 minutes matching the current collection floor and your selected floor threshold. For example, if the collection's floor is 500 ADA and you put a threshold of 20% it will watch for listings below 500*(100%-20%)=400 ADA. In case the floor drops to 400 ADA, it will now adjust the max price automatically to 400*(100%-20%)=320 ADA.

We have an auction, rarity, and trait hunts in our roadmap so stay tuned for that!

Other features

In the settings tab, you will find a couple of things.

  1. Notification control - choose whether to open a tab on a successful snipe or just receive notification in the browser, with or without sounds or by email.

  2. Auto-click-to-buy- premium add-on that clicks the buy button on the supported marketplaces so all you have to do is to enter your password in the wallet (we don't touch your funds, only click the buy button) to get an edge when sniping.

Download here

There are a lot of new features planned and in the works, but the current extension's features already give you an edge in sniping compared to people who are not using it.

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