Helping community pools provide delegator with NFT based rewards for staking each epoch.

Getting stakers to stake to small, usually community run, stake pools is challenging. Incentives help to draw delegators to stake pools and rolling incentives, like those from PoolPerks, can help to keep delegators in a pool and, thus, increase that pools chance of passing the 1 million ADA threshold and to begin mint blocks regularly.

Each pool brings the NFTs to PoolPerks, the platform then provides the technology for distributing them to delegators.

To receive their NFT perks delegators must first have been delegating to a pool for more than 2 epochs; the same way they have to to receive ADA rewards. Delegators then navigate to the PoolPerks website each epoch, enters a receiving address from their wallet which is staked to a participating pool, and are then prompted to pay a 3ADA fee to receive their perk. Their perk is then distributed to their wallet, along with ~1.5ADA.

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