Cardano Blockchain Intelligence

An overview of blockchain and stake pool data points, also offering the user the opportunity to explore the metadata on Cardano.

Cardano Blockchain intelligence displays many datapoint about the Cardano blockchain in a clean and easy to use interface that allows users to easily narrow down their selection without scrolling through lists of transactions or hitting newbie-confusing roadblocks. The site is organized into 4 sections: Pool Data, Delegation Data, Transaction Data, and Block Data.

Pool Data

The Pool Data section of Cardano Blockchain Insights allows users to view a list of pools who have multiple owner and which pools have multiple relays.

Perhaps more useful to the user is a “Pools by margin” section which sorts pools by the size of the margin they take from the block rewards. There is also a section to allow users to browse pools by their pledge.

Delegation Data

Here users can view how many delegations have been made on the Cardano blockchain and search by period, epoch, day, and then hour, to find specific delegations to different pools.

Transaction Data

Here a users can search all of the metadata on the Cardano blockchain. This allows users to find everything from labeled transactions to NFT collections. Users can also view the latest metadata entered on chain, and search metadata by epoch.

There are also sections for oracle data, supply chain data, and charity data, helping users easily narrow down their search if their looking to find a data point in this area. The oracle data, however, is only drawn from 2 oracle pools and doesn’t include data from oracle solutions that are not operated by stake pools.

Block Data

Users can explore block creation statistics from each epoch and delve deep into who formed each block and how many blocks each stake pool formed.

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