Cardano Studio

Create and mint NFTs on Cardano all in your browser for a very small fee - without trusting a third party for minting.


  1. Bundling: Bundling as many NFTs into a single transaction as possible.
  2. Minimal fees: 2 ADA / transaction (where up to 100 NFTs can be minted within 1 transaction)
  3. No third party for minting: With Cardano Studio you get to sign and submit the transaction(s) on your own. No sending ADA to another address first.
  4. CSV support: Use your favorite offline tool to export your NFT collection as a CSV file and simply import it in Cardano Studio.
  5. Royalties: We support royalty fees following CIP 27.
  6. Metadata: Add as many fields as you like. Also, everything is white label - no publisher metadata added.
  7. No sign-up: We love Web3 and its values - therefore, no account is needed to mint NFTs with us.
  8. Testnet support: Not feeling 100% confident yet? No problem, you can first mint on the preprod testnet.

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