Completing risk analysis of the token distribution of Cardano projects. Also the creators of a "wallet watcher" alert system monitoring the movement of token

Xerberus decided to "be the change we want to see in our ecosystem" and set about to create tools and complete research that informs users about the movements of tokens and their distribution.

CNT Token Analytics - on-chain vs Whitepaper Tokenomics

Xerberus complete deep dives in a project's token distribution by analyzing the available on-chain data to see if they've stuck to the many promises they many have made in their stated tokenomics e.g. vesting schedules, percentages of community distribution, etc.

They also look at claims made by community members regarding the sale of tokens by the team, and raise interesting philosophical points on how far tokenomics and vesting schedules in the decentralized world should align with those of the centralized world model that they're currently mirroring.

CNT Alert System - Wallet Watcher

The Xerberus wallet watcher is a free email alert service where users sign up for alerts relating to the movement of a user's selected token in the Cardano ecosystem. These alerts are designed to inform the receiver of factors that can affect a tokens price and could indicate a move in one direction or the other, or even a rug pull. What the Wallet Watcher monitors, and what users receive alerts for, are:

  • Whale Alert - Get alerted when a whale with large enough bags to change the price of a tokens begins to sell. In small or large quantities.
  • Sentiment Alert - Monitors and alerts you about dramatic and gradual decline in the public sentiment of a token on Twitter.
  • Velocity Alert - Receive an alert when a token begin to change hands at a growing or rapid pace, this can indicate a move in either direction in the market.
  • Project Alert - Xerberus monitors the project's wallet for suspicious activity that could distort the token price.

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