Cardano Advisor Bot

Helping everyone to find the best pools for their delegation according to data gathered from their Twitter timeline, taking into account pool performance too.

The Cardano Advisor Bot is designed to make choosing a stake pool to delegate your stake to much quicker and easier. The bot works by comparing the content of your Twitter timeline to that of the timelines of all the stake pools in the Cardano ecosystem. It matches you to a pool like a dating service might match you to other individuals, by analyzing interests, hobbies, location, and other data points. The results of this step then take into account the performance of the now narrowed down list of pools. The resulting top five pools that best match you are sent to you for your delegating consideration.

The bot also tweets out updates each epoch regarding the fastest growing pools in the ecosystem; both those pools with less than 1 million in stake and those with greater than 1 million in stake. It also regularly sends out tweets detailing the pools that no longer meet their pledge, when a pool increase their margin to more than than 5%, or when a pool increases their fixed costs to more than 400 ADA.

Other Services

The Cardano Advisor Bot also offers two other services delivered via Twitter:

Transaction Alerts

The Cardano Advisor bot works as a transaction monitoring tool. Simply DM the bot with your stakeID (beginning with: stake1…) and the bot with send you a DM with your wallet balance every time it detects a transaction to that wallet.

Pool Alerts

Simply DM the bot Alert POOLTICKER e.g. Alert BUILT, to get alerts at the beginning of each epoch should the pool you delegate to have changed their data or parameters. Currently the data being monitored, and updated to you each epoch is:

  • Pool ticker
  • Pool description
  • Pool homepage
  • Declared pledge
  • Margin cost
  • Fixed cost

For SPOs

Stake pool operators can use the Cardano Advisor Bot to see how their stake pool is performing against pools that have a similar level of stake to them. They do this by following the bot and sending it a DM saying Peers.

The homepage for the bot also offers up tips as to how stake pool operators can be sure that their pool will be picked up by the bot’s machine learning patterns so that it can be eligible for being included i suggestions.

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