A token distribution tool for users to claim tokens. Featuring in-depth pricing data and charts for all Cardano tokens, developing token and NFT minting tools.

The TapTools platform allows those staking on Cardano to claim the tokens that are being distributed to delegators by projects. There is no fee to withdraw these tokens, except the Cardano network fee, and users can withdraw up ten different tokens (of any quantity) in one transaction.

Rewards do not accumulate and reset every 5 days (each epoch)

Users must send between 2-5ADA to claim their tokens. However, this is all returned to the user, minus the value of a Cardano transaction fee, as it is only needed to fulfill the Cardano protocol’s need for each transaction to contain a minimum amount of ADA.

For Projects

Token distribution can be limited to a few select pools, and to use the TapTool platform to distribute their token a project needs to contact the team through the website.

A token and NFT minting platform are under development.

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