A token vending machine for those staking on Cardano and an airdrop tool for both Cardano and Ergo.

Projects can use the TosiDrop platform to distribute their token to community members. There are two ways this can be done, via a vending machine or through an airdrop.

Airdrops on TosiDrop

Available for Cardano and Ergo projects airdrops require little on the part of the user. User give their wallet addresses to the project and the project then uploads it to the platform as a CSV file to enable the mass airdropping of tokens.

Vending Machine on TosiDrop

The TosiDrop vending machine is only available on Cardano. Users enter their wallet address, staking address, or ADA handle, to view their rewards. They then send ADA to a claim address to claim their tokens.

Tokens will be associated with specific stake pools and only the wallets staking to those pools can claim the associated tokens. These rewards accumulate over epochs, meaning that users do not need to claim their tokens each epoch (5 days) and can leave them to accumulate collecting them when they want to. Some tokens may have an expiry date but this is token dependent and will be made clear on the platform.


There are fees for claiming tokens through the TosiDrop vending machine, but not for receiving airdrop. A 0.1ADA service fee is charge for using the vending machine* and this goes to SEAL pool, the developers of the platform’s backend. *Additional fees may apply to delegators claiming tokens from particular ISPO pools. Users must also pay two transaction fees to withdraw from TosiDrop, making the total fees ~0.45ADA.

Users must send a minimum of ~1.4ADA to claim their tokens (plus the transaction fee for the transaction). The fee of 0.1ADA and the transaction fee for the return transaction are the removed and the claimed tokens are returned to the user with their leftover ADA.

Two Platform Tokens and a DAO

TosiDrop has two tokens, one on each of the Cardano and Ergo blockchain. cTOSI for Cardano and eTOSI for Ergo. There is a 50% allocation of total token supply for each blockchain. Token allocation is as follows:

  • 10% to the team
  • 30% for the holders of AnetaBTC’s two tokens
  • 60% for the public. assumingly distributed via airdrops or vending machine on the TosiDrop platform.

The platform will be funded by charging a fee to the projects that use its services to distribute their tokens. This fee will be in ADA and ERG and will be shared by holders of the platforms tokens.

The platform eventually aims to operate as a DAO (running on open sourced and audited smart contracts) and token holders will make the decision on whether or not each project is allowed to launch through the platform.

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