Cardano Jobs

An independent job board devoted solely to the Cardano ecosystem. Job seekers can find their dream job and employers can scale their dream team, for free!

Welcome Cardanians!

Cardano Jobs is a fully featured job board dedicated to the Cardano blockchain. It allows for job seekers to find their dream jobs and employers to scale their dream team all for free.

For Job Seekers

Everyone knows that the secret to life is to find a job that just doesn't feel like work. Something you are truly passionate about. Something which gives you a greater sense of purpose. It is no surprise that Cardano has given thousands of people across the world this gift. We here at Cardano Jobs want to make it as easy as possible for you to do just that. Hence why we are the number one job board for all things Cardano. Sign up, add your resume, wait for companies to contact you, or apply to open roles directly. All through one, easy to use platform. All for free. All for you.

For Job Givers

Employers, the secret to a great company, is great company staff and culture. You need individuals that are already passionate about what you are building. Individuals that have already listened to 100+ hours of Charles AMA's. Individuals that dream of building the decentralised infrastructure on your roadmap. Hence why we have created a custom job board for you to find, or be found by, Cardano fanatics. Currently you can browse resumes, post jobs, and let us handle all of the application submissions, tracking and analytics! All for free. All for you.

So whether you are a job giver or job seeker. Sign up on Cardano Jobs and join the Cardano army đź’Ş and let's get building.


Check out our full list of features here:

Job Seekers can:

  1. Log in with social (Google and LinkedIn)
  2. Upload resumes
  3. Search for jobs
  4. Search for companies

Employers can:

  1. Search Resumes
  2. Find talent already passionate about Cardano
  3. Post non-featured jobs for free
  4. Create their company profile
  5. Browse and form partnerships with other companies in the space
  6. Use our inbuilt application form to handle job submissions (no need to build your own)
  7. Track their applicants progress with our Kan-ban style applications manager
  8. Get analytics on how your jobs are performing

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