A ready-to-use public datasource for Grafana. Simply providing stake pool operators, SPOs, with the metrics they need to monitor their stake pools.

POOLDATA.LIVE API created this resource because they recognize that not all stake pool operators, SPOs, have the technical skills needed to scrape the information they need to manage and monitor their stake pool from existing services.

The POOLDATA.LIVE API website provides a short walkthrough for how to install Grafana and, importantly, how to configure the datasource they provide.

Available Data

Stats come in three different caching time periods: real time, live, and 1 hour. This caching is not selectable, it is preset for each datapoint with the type of datapoint and need for it dictating how each is cached. Data points provided by this API include:

  • State of the current epoch
  • Pool ranking and performance base data points
  • Delegator and stake statistics for the pool
  • Performance metics for the pool
  • ADA price in USD, EUR, GBP

Support and Suggestions

The POOLDATA.LIVE API creators welcome feedback and requests for other data points.

Support is offered to users via a telegram group dedicated to the API.

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