A blockchain based token designed to incentivize people to control (who has access to) their personal data via its platform. Also providing privacy education.

Profila intends to fix the (broken) relationship that exists today between people (you) and brands. It is Profila’s goal to empower people to take back control over their data – by making them aware of their privacy (rights) – and compensate people for their data and attention.

We are creating a cardano-native token that helps to succeed our goal. Our token will incentivize people to learn about privacy in the Profila App, help them ethically exercise their rights and share better data, all under their own control, and facilitate the access to a variety of digital privacy-related products. The ZKA token will reward good behavior, help avoid any abuse of the platform and tools we make available and will compensate people for taking part in this movement.

Profila has created a blockchain based token with ZKT, which will incentivize people to control (who has access to) their personal data via the Profila platform, will compensate internet users for participating in the ZKA ecosystem and help keep each other’s identities (IP addresses) anonymous (through peer-to-peer technologies). Ultimately, ZKA will help to identify and reduce Ad fraud (through audit trails) and the misuse of personal data online by businesses through the current real-time bidding Ad model.

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