By removing the middleman, Fraction Estate makes it easier and cheaper for investors to buy and sell fractional real estate

Our Utility Token

We are curently in Pre-sale era

You can Buy our Fraction Estate token here

Stage 1 = 0.25 ADA (14M FET)

Stage 2 = 0.50 ADA (35M FET)

Stage 3 = 0.75 ADA (21M FET)

Fraction.Estate is a NFT marketplace that will be disrupting and revolutionizing the Real Estate market and making it possible for anyone to fractionally buy, sell and invest in real world properties.

This is made possible by the concept of asset tokenization that allows securities of physical assets to be exchanged directly on the blockchain, where real estate dominates.

Asset Tokenization is the interaction by which the responsibility for home resources is addressed by tokens. Every land resource is held in its own organization whose offers are addressed by tokens on the blockchain. By holding these tokens, you own a portion of the legitimate substance, and likewise, the actual property.

Each tokenized property is leased to occupants, producing a month to month rental yield. This considers a worldwide, partial model of land possession led totally onchain.

Asset Tokens can then be traded, transforming land into a completely fluid resource.

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