A smart-contract-based NFT drop platform designed to make NFT drops more efficient. Operating an NFT launchpad and developing an NFT marketplace.

The Rarety NFT drop platform is a smart contract based NFT minting engine designed to streamline the purchasing of newly released, large NFT collections. The Rarety team won funding from Project Catalyst to develop this smart contract based NFT minting engine.

Smart Contract NFT Drops

Using smart contracts for NFT drops will allow minting transactions to be grouped into one transaction, reducing the on-chain load created by NFT drops, enhancing the user experience for all users of Cardano. Using a smart contract to mint an NFT also means that NFTs will be minted and sent to the user in the same transaction as their purchase. It is said that these smart contracts will be multi-sig, it is thought that this is to ensure security of the NFTs and funds in the contract. Grouping NFT purchases like this also reduces the costs for the people minting the NFTs because they are sharing the transaction.

An NFT Launchpad

Through the NFT launchpad the Rarety team say they will help NFT projects with:

  • Creating the NFTs
  • NFT layout (it is assumed this means metadata)
  • Auctioning NFTs
  • Marketing and promotion of the drop

An NFT Marketplace

The team is also planning to build an NFT marketplace so people can sell the NFTs they buy to other users. This will be a smart contract based marketplace and will be open to all NFTs, the projects minted and launched through the Rarety platform and those minted elsewhere.

Rarety are also aiming to develop a system to deliver physical items that have been sold as NFTs.

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