A shared liquidity, NFT market smart contract which is used by multiple websites to provide the users the best possible experience.

About Cardahub

Cardahub is a shared liquidity NFT market smart contract which is used by multiple websites to provide the users the best possible experience.

NFT Minting Service

Cardahub provides a truly decentralized, smart contract-based minting service. The minting script of Cardahub is carefully designed, implemented, and tested on the Plutus platform, which allows us to enforce some special minting rules so that the content creator can protect their intellectual property properly.

Our On-chain/Off-chain smart contract enforces the following rules to all the assets that are minted by our platform:

  • Unique Asset: there is one and only one version of an asset that is allowed to be minted by our minting policy. For instance, if a photo has been minted once on our platform by a user, it can not be minted again on the same policy.
  • Unique Name: similarly, names are unique in our system. There are no two assets that have the same name coexist in the same policy

We don't charge any fee for minting NFTs on our platform or embed any hidden cost in the contract. All of the minting fee is paid to the network to execute the minting transaction. Thus we provide a service with the cheapest possible minting fee at 0.4 ADA.

NFT Marketplace

Cardahub provides a marketplace where content creators, investors, or digital assets collectors can list their NFTs for sale, or purchase the ones that they love. Users can use our platform to browse the NFTs that are sitting in their wallets and decide if they want to sell the assets on our marketplace.

Cardahub marketplace is powered by a Plutus Smart Contract. The smart contract of Cardahub is open for all types of NFT, which means that users could buy any NFT on other marketplaces, and still be able to sell it on Cardahub. On the other hand, all the assets on Cardahub are EIP-721/CIP-25 compliant, thus one could take assets they collect on Cardahub and list them on other marketplaces.


Minting and distributing NFT on the Cardano blockchain is not trivial, especially when there are thousands of assets that need to be digitalized. Understand the problem, Cardahub has brought along a launchpad program that helps content creators with all distribution jobs. Our platform provides the vendors with powerful tools to systematically distribute their NFT based on their rules, with minimal cost.

We are collaborating with an Australian studio to release the first contract-based NFT drops on Cardano. Stay tuned for more updates!

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