Delegation Tracker

View individual stake pool statistics for every pool supporting the Cardano network, and compare multiple (or all) pools in a spreadsheet format.

A searchable list of stake pools operating on Cardano where users can get delve into each pools to find statistical insights. Users can also set their favorite pools for when they return to the site. The data to be found on Delegation tracker includes:

  • Number of delegators
  • Active stake
  • Lifetime and epoch blocks minted
  • Their margin
  • Their fixed cost
  • Their pledge
  • Their location
  • The approximate size of each delegators individual stake
  • The quantity of blocks they expect to mint in the current epoch

Users can also see the delegation trend of each pool over a chosen time period, and view a “relays map” that shows how many Cardano network relays are operating in each country around the world.

Users can use Delegation tracker to compare the aforementioned statistics of each pool against each other, selecting the pools they want to compare, comparing all of them if them if they so wish.

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