Mercury Chat

A wallet-to-wallet messaging system for Cardano that can be integrated into dApps.

Users connect their wallet to the Mercury Chat app and can send a message to any other Cardano wallet, simply by entering the wallet's address or ADA Handle. The other wallet will not receive the message until they’ve connected to the Mercury Chat interface themselves.

To get another user to join, or to notify them of the message they've send, a user can send them a message as an NFT, which will appear in their wallet and notify them that they have a Mercury Chat message.

The app uses a user’s wallet as their unique ID and they simply disconnect their wallet to log out.

Platforms and dApps can integrate Mercury into their website or platform with as few as 3 lines of code.

Much like on Discord, Mercury Chat has a hub where people can create, and browse, "communities". Users can join these communities, simply by using their wallet as their user ID. Communities for SPOs and NFT collections have already been created.

Users of Mercury chat can change their profile picture to an NFT their wallet holds.

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