RAFFLEIZE C-A-R-D-A-N-A is tailored for facilitating creation, management of, and participation in online raffles.

This application allows users to raffle their digital assets, providing a chance for other users (participants) to win these assets in exchange for purchasing a ticket. By leveraging the commit and reveal scheme it decentralizes trust, ensuring transparency and fairness in the winner selection process.

Objectives and Benefits Decentralized Trust: The primary objective of RAFFLEIZE C-A-R-D-A-N-A is to eliminate the reliance on a central authority for trust. The commit and reveal scheme ensures that the process of picking a winner is transparent and verifiable, thus fostering trust among participants.

Digital Asset Monetization: Users with digital assets can create raffles, offering others the chance to win these assets. This provides a unique avenue for asset owners to monetize their holdings.

Broadened Participation: By allowing participants to buy tickets and potentially win digital assets, the platform democratizes access to these assets, which might be expensive or rare otherwise.

Enhanced Engagement: The thrill of participating in a raffle and the potential to win valuable assets drive user engagement, encouraging more users to join the ecosystem.

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