A NFT minting service and community-driven NFT marketplace, focusing on global inclusion and aiming for quality over quantity with NFT creation and sale.

Each artist is allowed to have a maximum of 5 NFTs for sale at any one time. This restriction on sales is one of two built-in mechanism for encouraging quality over quantity. There is no limit to NFT minting, but each NFT does have a file size limit of 4MB.

NFTs minted through the first iteration of Artamint, Artano's NFT minting service, were all minted using the same policy ID, instead of each NFT, or collection, receiving receiving its own unique policy ID. This resulted in people creating fraudulent NFTs i.e. copying art from other NFT projects and selling them on marketplaces as the real thing. See this tweet for Artano's explanation of this.

Fees System

Buyers on the Artano marketplace only pay the transaction fees associated with their ADA transaction and sellers are only charged a fee upon the sale of an NFT; 5% of sale price for their first sale, and 2.5% for each subsequent sale. There is also a necessary fee for minting an NFT but Artano takes no commission from it.

Artano gives artists selling NFTs on their marketplace the ability to customize the ownership and copyright of their NFTs and this is made visible to everyone at the auction.

Access to the platform is overseen by a Council of 20 people selected from the global digital art community including: digital artists, collectors, and those highly engaged in the space. This Council acts as gatekeepers of the Artano marketplace and are tasked with inviting artists to the platform as well as curating independent artist applications sent through the Artano website. Approved artists can sell their art on the Artano marketplace and this is the second built-in mechanism to help encourage quality over quantity on the marketplace.

The Council and Governance

The governance token, ARTA is rewarded to artists, collectors, and curators for their use of the platform. This token gives holders voting rights, such as selecting further council members. Token holders can also influence decisions regarding the future development and artistic direction of the platform, but their decision isn’t final. Further tokenomics and the token’s uses are to be released in the near future.

The Council provides the link between token holders and the core development team, informing the core developers of what conclusions they have come to -taking into account the voices of ARTA holders- regarding the future development of the platform.

Finally, from a user's perspective: the Artano marketplace will utilize machine learning to analyze user behavior in order to improve and customize the user experience, helping users to more readily discover NFTs whose subject matter fits the parameters of their search.

It is worth noting that the NFT minting service, Artamint, can be used by anyone; you don’t need to be a seller on the Artano marketplace.