Cardano Assets

A searchable library of Cardano native assets where results can be sorted by a variety of metrics and users can deep dive into each asset.

The search bar on the Cardano Assets website allows user to search by both an asset’s name and its policy ID. The results contain multiple data points, including:

  • Quantity
  • When it was created
  • Volume and transactions by the day, week, and month

Results can be sorted by each of the data points provided, facilitating the pinpointing of an asset from a list of over 12,000 -and counting- assets to be found on the Cardano blockchain.

Clicking on the asset provides a deeper dive into it, offering up details including: when it was created, whether or not more can be minted, along with a list of all the transactions where this asset was transferred. Clicking on the address associated with each transaction takes users away to, the creators of this tool, so they can view the activity on that address.

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