Cardano Assets

A searchable database of all Cardano Assets, both FTs and NFTs, ranking tokens by multiple data points and offering insights into each token.

Cardano Assets was created by ADA Pools and presents users with a list of tokens on the Cardano network, along with multiple data points for those assets. Different sections of the site include:

  • A Token List
  • New Tokens
  • New NFTs
  • NFT Drops
  • DEXes (data feeds from DEXes for the tokens featured on their exchange)
  • Featured Tokens
  • Watchlist

Users can use a “Check Your Wealth” tool on the Watchlist section of the site to view their wallet’s holdings and its total value based on the data feed of the Cardano Assets website.

Organizing and Searching

Users can search the database to narrow down the tokens and to find the specific token they’re looking for. They can also organize the token list by:

  • Total supply
  • Trade volume
  • Quantity traded
  • How many transactions were conducted over various time periods

They can select a token to find out more about it including:

  • A technical trading overview
  • All transactions including that token
  • Which wallets hold the token, and how many they hold
  • Which markets the token is available on

Users can also choose to copy widgets onto their website which display critical data points about this token.

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