A toolkit featuring a tool for every level of Cardano user; from an ADA currency converter, to a block explorer, to a developer’s playground.

Utilizing a dashboard style web page ADATools makes the array of tools they have designed for discovering the world of Cardano and exploring the Cardano blockchain user friendly and easily accessible.


Several section: Charts, Real-Time, Plutus, Blocks & Transactions, Pools, Assets/Tokens, Calculators, and NFT; each provide their own dedicated page that offers an overview of the goings on on the Cardano blockchain.

A Hologram page provides a global visualization of the active pools and relays supporting the Cardano network, breaking down where they are hosted, and by which web hosting service.

A Crypto News section that aggregates news about the wider crypto-verse.

Many of these sections are deep wells of information that can be viewed, used, and -sometimes- manipulated. Some display the same information in a different format and some, such as the Pools page, randomizes its data to avoid bias.


The data points on display throughout are real time and plentiful. The reader can choose to view multiple realtime data points at once, or to delve down the rabbit hole of one particular data point. These data points are too numerous to list here but include: number of active stake pools, 24 hour transaction volume, average transaction fee, realtime price of ADA, current epoch, beginning of next epoch; and many more.

Two of the pages, News and The Library contain links to external sources to facilitate the curious in continuing their quest for knowledge elsewhere.


A developers playground and testnet also provide developers with access to manipulate the tools they find on ADATools.

ADATools is as informative as it is fun and is also available as a mobile app on both Android and IOS.

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