Simplifying Stake, Supporting Decentralisation! Make A Basket, Pick A Pool Group, The DAO Does The Rest!

StakingDAO is decentralising Stake by enabling Users to delegate to 'Groups' of pools instead of (or as well as) a single stake pool.

The DAO has 5 Groups of stake pools, each helping to improve the ecosystem in some way:

Pool Groups

  • Single Pools
  • Bare Metal Pools
  • Eco-Friendly Pools
  • Mission Driven Pools
  • Seed Pools

How The DAO Staking Mechanism Works

Users create 'Baskets' on the platform, which they can add ADA to and stake separately from their normal wallet staking (similar to CCVault's multiple accounts).

A User chooses which pool group to stake that basket with, and the DAO automatically delegates it to a pool in that group.

Every Epoch the DAO calculates the best distribution of stake based on all of the baskets in each group and all of the pools. It then balances all of the baskets across the pools to decentralise stake.


The DAO distributes a governance token along with regular staking rewards which gives the User a voice in DAO Governance.

Users can submit and vote on Improvement Proposals and play a role in the management of the DAO Treasury.

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