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DCOne Crypto - Explore projects on the Cardano Blockchain and provide API, SDK,Payment for users to access Cardano blockchain more easily

About us

DCOne Crypto is a place where the community can receive updates from project owners, discuss and evaluate projects they are interested in. Website is built on a multi-language platform At the DCOne Crypto website, content will be contributed by both the project owner and the community. This interaction makes information more decentralized.

Users in addition to receiving updated information from project owners, they can also analyze, evaluate, and compare projects with each other publicly.

Updated information about the project can be notified to the phone or computer via messages, emails depending on the user's needs.

Website is built on a multilingual platform, accessible to more users.

Users quickly look up information from integrated tools on Telegram and Discord:

Cardano-based projects will also benefit from reaching the community, especially potential people for new projects.

Please: https://dconecrypto.finance/ecosystem-map.html

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