Building On Cardano

A website aggregating project building on Cardano. Featuring an interactive ecosystem map and a token list of all the tokens from listed projects.

The Building on Cardano website features a list of all the projects they have listed, searchable by name and detailing:

  • The project type
  • Their token type
  • The token's ticker
  • Their current stage of development

Each project has it’s own page containing a short description of the project and various points of informational interest to the users, including:

  • The project’s team members and their available social links
  • Details of any token sales they conducted or currently underway
  • Links out to the project's website, socials, and whitepaper

An Ecosystem Map and Token List

Building on Cardano offers an ecosystem map and a searchable list of all the tokens related to projects listed on the site along with interesting data points of the tokens themselves, including such this as policy IDs, and how many wallets hold these tokens.

Accepting Community Contributions

Users can add a project but they must sign up and sign in first. The project then goes through a verification process before it is displayed on the website.

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