Pool Peek

A stake pool explorer with a focus on encouraging the discovery of smaller pools through randomized results. Featuring a staking calculator and reward tracker.

Alongside a dashboard displaying multiple Cardano and ADA stats, PoolPeek has a range of filters that are useful for both current and potential delegators when deciding which pools they may want to delegate to.

Alongside these filters are a range of display and search tools including:

  • Pool Search: Displays small pools first and new pools are added daily, whilst those that are retired or retiring are automatically removed. Users can sort pools how they wish after entering a search term.

  • Map Search: Displays each pool’s geographical location based on information sourced from their “metadata”.

  • Pool Queries: A text based search function looking for searched keywords in the pool’s data.

PoolPeek has also worked with ADAfolio to incorporate their pool portfolios into the PoolPeek's website.

A staking calculator allows you to calculate staking rewards earned (from a pool with a 5% annual return) for a chosen value of ADA. Results are displayed in values of ADA over four time period: day, epoch, month, year. These results can also be viewed in USD, GBP, EURO, and BTC.

A staking rewards tool allows you to use your stake address to track your staking rewards.

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