A NFT marketplace offering smart contract and escrow sales, with smart contracts that process multiple assets in one transaction. Also allowing the sale of FTs.

Only NFT collections that have been verified by the platform are eligible for sale on the NFT Jam Cardano NFT marketplace. These can then be browsed and explored by users of the platform.

Users can buy up to three assets at the same time, so long as they have been listed in the correct manner by their owner.

Smart Contract and Escrow

Sellers can select between two sales mechanisms: smart contract or an escrow service provided by the platform. Buyers can also sort NFT by their listing type, choosing whether to view just smart contract listings, escrow listings, or both.

NFT Jam allow for the buying and selling of fungible tokens, as well as NFTs.

Sorting Results

Once a user has selected the NFT collection they want they can narrow down the NFTs in the collection by selecting metadata traits from the sidebar.

Importantly, they can also narrow their selection down to just the assets for sale via smart contract or via escrow so that they aren't looking at all the assets that are not listed on the platform.

Clicking on an asset give users an overview of that asset's traits and its rarity in the collection. Users can also view other important information such as: policy IDs, an assets unique fingerprint, and they can follow a link to the collection’s official site.


Fee, both platform and network, are paid by the seller on the NFT Jam NFT marketplace.

  • For sales under 20ADA, there is no platform fee (just the standard network fee)
  • For sales over 20ADA a 2.5% platform fee with a minimum of 1ADA applies (plus the standard network fee)

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