An NFT marketplace aiming to connect social conscious artists, musicians, and brands with buyers and sellers.

Along with a marketplace to sell their art Fibo offers an NFT minting service to its artists, helping to smooth out the onboarding process for those unfamiliar with NFTs.

Fibo launched with collections from their "Genesis Artists". After a certain period, NFT minting and selling is open to everyone. NFTs do have to meet the platform's terms and conditions before being listed.

NFT Minting

Users can mint individual NFTs or leave their policy unlocked for a user specified period of time so that they can mint more NFT into the collection. The minting interface is simple and intuitive and accepts 3 different file types: JPG, PNG, SVG; up to 50mb in size.

The minted NFT then goes into a pending stage, where the art is reviewed to ensure that it meets the terms and conditions of the platform.

NFT Listing

When an NFT passes the pending stage it is listed for sale on the Fibo marketplace.

A 1 ADA fee is charged for minting and listing on the platform. It is yet unclear if there is a fee charged on the sale of an NFT.

Only NFTs minted on Fibo can be listed on the Fibo NFT marketplace platform.

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