A Cardano blockchain explorer with a host of features and blockchain analytics tools. Statistics for the Cardano blockchain, and ADA, are shown on the home page

Users can use Cardanoscan to search different elements of the blockchain say transactions, blocks, epochs, pools, tokens etc, using filters and a single search bar.

A menu bar contains various functions which allow users to deep dive into certain elements of the blockchain, such as the transactions being done through it and the things being built on top of it. For instance users can view:

  • Only transactions with metadata
  • Withdrawals from the blockchain
  • Protocol updates
  • Top staking accounts and top addresses
  • Pools and their statistics
  • Certificates for pool (registration and deregistration), delegations, instantaneous rewards and more

Cardanoscan allows Stake Pool Operators, SPOs, to verify their pool ownership on the site and then send statistics through a telegram bot to a telegram channel where users can subscribe to as many pools as they want and receive these updates from SPOs.

Cardanoscan also offers a testnet explorer which was funded by Project Catalyst

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Cardanoscan & Minswap

Cardano scan will incorporate Minswap's trading information into the Cardano Scan blockchain explorer and analytics platform. This will allow everyone to view and analyze Minswap's trading data in a transparent manner.

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