A wallet alerts bot for Discord. Get notifications about incoming wallet activity for up to 3 different Cardano wallets.

The WalletBud bot supports all Cardano wallets and send notification alerts of wallet activity to subscribers as DMs in Discord. To get started join the WalletBud Discord server here.

The WalletBud will currently notify you of three different transactions:

  • Sales of your assets that happen on smart contract based marketplaces (and how much you received for them)
  • Minted or received NFTs and tokens
  • ADA that arrives in your wallet

Each notification comes with a link, either to pool.pm, for NFT transactions, or cardanoscan.io, for ADA transactions.

The result of using the WalletBud is that you no longer need to actively monitor your wallet waiting for a transaction to arrive, you simply wait for a notification.

There is also a command you can send to the WalletBud to receive a glimpse of your wallet’s holdings: /wallet-balance

WalletBud can deliver its notifications in 5 different languages:

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Chinese
  • Japanese

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