A smart contract powered NFT marketplace offering auction and set price sales. Also offering highly customizable NFT and FT minting services.

Users must create and fund an account on the Tokhun platform in order to be able to interact with any functions of the platform.

The homepage of the Tokhun platform does not display any random NFTs, instead users must pass a "community onboarding process" to be considered a Premium Partner. Only the NFTs of Premium Partners are displayed on the Tokhun homepage. This community of artists is slowly growing, through this onboarding process, and this grow family of artists are always there to assist each other.

Mint NFTs

Tokhuns NFT minting service allows users to mint an individual NFT or up to 20 serialized NFTs. These can be minted through customizable polices where the users can choose to leave them open or add a time locking factor into them so they close on a specific date.

Tokhun offers an advanced metadata structure, based on the CIP-25 standard and including some extras, making metadata for tokens minted on the platform highly customizable to the users needs.

Minting costs on the Tokhun platform are:

  • 2ADA per single unique NFT and FT (regardless of the total supply)
  • 2.5% or 2.00ADA Sales Commission (whichever is higher)

Personal Pages

Personal pages allow artists to showcase all their minted assets in a single place.

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