An NFT and Cardano Native Token minting service as well as an NFT marketplace for Cardano.

Tokhun was founded when Cardano introduced Native Asset features through the Mary hardfork and a group of like-minded individuals from technical and creative background got together to create a minting service and marketplace for NFTs and FTs on the Cardano blockchain.

Mint NFT

You can mint Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) as well as Fungible Token (FT) on our platform.

Advanced Metadata

Our metadata structure is based on ERC-721 format and it is highly customizable.

Premium Partners

Only quality content on our home page will be shown from our vetted artists.

Personal Pages

Anyone can showcase their minted assets via their own personal pages.

Policy Management

You can create time locked (or open) policies and group your asset easily.

Serialized Minting

You can generate upto 100 uniquely named NFTs, automatically numbered in a series.

Minting Draft

You can start the minting process, save it mid-way and resume editing and mint later.

Cost Breakdown

We will show a complete cost breakdown of your mint as you fill in the form.

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