A social marketplace for the new economy that reDeFines the staking experience by connecting stakeholders in the Cardano network.

Stakeboard aims to be the standard for an easier, more sustainable and democratic way to deliver consensus in the Cardano network.

To do this, Stakeboard proposes innovative solutions regarding the search for the right SPO by introducing search criteria that address the mission of the stake pool. SPOs will have the ability to verify their stake pools, with a quick and easy process that will increase trust in the consensus ecosystem, limiting potential scams. We propose new and fairer ways to conduct ISO, involving delegators in the process of choosing SPOs in addition to the random draw.

Stakeboard will be the place where SPOs and delegators can communicate easily and instantly about any issue that affects their current or possible relationship.

Stakeboard is already up and running with Cardano's Detective, Alice, which sends updates to the larger Cardano community on the status of stake pools based on a variety of parameters which can be: establishment/closure of a stake pool, increase/decrease in pledge, increase/decrease in margin, and many other features that will be implemented.

In conclusion, Stakeboard is ready to revolutionize Cardano's DeFi space by introducing new business models for today's and tomorrow's economy, creating a trusted, sustainable and democratic space.

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