Search and compare stake pools by ticker symbol. View current, annual, and 30 day statistics side-by-side, and calculate potential rewards from previous epochs.

CardaStat is a simple stake pool comparison tool where the user must type in each individual ticker symbol to pull up and compare information that can help them make their staking decision.

Amongst other things, CardaStat displays a stake pool’s:

  • Live stake
  • Active stake
  • How many Epochs the pool has been active for
  • Total amount of blocks minted
  • Annual ROA (Both before and after fees)
  • 30-day ROA (Both before and after fees)

A built in rewards calculator allows the user to calculate their potential rewards -on a specific quantity of ADA- from a selected number of previous epochs. Showing these rewards split between paid and pending rewards.

For ease of stake pool comparison there is also a table view users can use, and download.

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