CNFT Jungle

A real-time, NFT database and rarity dashboard. Explore and refine NFT collections, discover rarity stats, and find NFTs for sale across multiple marketplaces.

CNFT Jungle has over 44,000 NFT collections listed in their database. Users can use a search box to search the CNFT Jungle for the Cardano NFT collection they’re looking for, or they can click a “random”, dice button to be transported to a random collection on the site.

Once in a collection you get a handy sidebar that shows you statistics of the whole NFT collection, such as:

  • Holder distribution statistics
  • Floor price
  • NFT quantity
  • Volume sold (in ADA)

Listing on the CNFT Jungle platform is free for collections. They just need to reach out on Discord.

Find an NFT for Sale

Users can narrow down the NFT collection they’re viewing from the collapsable sidebar, using multiple metrics:

  • Price
  • Availability (whether it’s for sale or not)
  • Metadata attributes of the collection

All attributes listed in the metadata of the collection can be used as search parameters to narrow down the collection. Each attribute show all the varieties available for that attribute and the quantity of NFTs that feature each particular variety.

CNFT Jungle collates marketplace data from CNFT.IO,, Genesis House, and NFT Jam.

Users can see which NFTs in a collection are currently for sale, how much for and on which marketplace. With a click of a button, the user can be transported directly to an NFT’s listing on the marketplace where it is for sale.

Other Features

CNFT Jungle features a calendar of upcoming NFT drops and a “Minting Now” section of the website lists only those collections that are currently available to be minted.

CNFT Jungle also allows a user to enter multiple wallet addresses and to view all of the NFTs in those wallets in one place.

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