Cardano Community & Learning

  • Club

    • Rats DAO

      A NFT buying DAO that purchases blue chip NFTs.

      Rats DAO, Cardano Community & Learning.
    • ADACafé

      Curating digital spaces and services to help connect people and foster communication and collaboration on ideas. Featuring a calendar of Cardano Twitter Spaces.

      ADACafé, Cardano Community & Learning.
    • ALDEA

      A DAO working on driving a Cardano community in Latin America, using Cardano to decentralize multiple aspects of life for a Spanish speaking community.

      ALDEA, Cardano Community & Learning.
    • Cardanopuzzle

      A community of interactive fun games. Win real prizes and give to charity by playing along. Cardano puzzle brings people together.

      Cardanopuzzle, Cardano Community & Learning.
    • Cardans Club

      Club with sweepstakes, prizes, utilities with bots and apps, exclusive content (videos and articles), profit and royalty sharing, member contests and much more.

      Cardans Club, Cardano Community & Learning.
  • Youtube Channel

    • NFT Update

      A YouTube show interviewing NFT projects and live streaming a CNFT News Show every Friday to update viewers about the goings on in the Cardano NFT space.

      NFT Update, Cardano Community & Learning.
    • Kaizen Crypto

      A Youtube content creator providing educational content on a multitude of topics that span the vast Cardano ecosystem.

      Kaizen Crypto, Cardano Community & Learning.
    • Cardano Ecosystem News

      A YouTube channel offering up informative doses of news on multiple topics in the Cardano ecosystem once or twice a week.

      Cardano Ecosystem News, Cardano Community & Learning.
    • ADAverse

      A Youtube channel, of 3 Cardano and Ergo enthusiasts, discussing all things Cardano and Ergo.

      ADAverse, Cardano Community & Learning.
  • Meetups & Events

    • CNFT Awards

      An annual awards ceremony for Cardano NFTs where nominees are submitted and voted for by the community.

      CNFT Awards, Cardano Community & Learning.
    • Local Meetups

      Cardano might exist online but we all love to meet face-to-face! Here are resources for virtual and real-world meetups based on locality. Is there one near you?

      Local Meetups, Cardano Community & Learning.
    • Rare Bloom

      A Cardano community convention. The 2022 edition runs from 14-15th October in Denver.

      Rare Bloom, Cardano Community & Learning.
    • cNFTcon

      A Cardano NFT convention. The 2022 edition lasts 2 days, October 8-9, features over 120 exhibitors, and takes place in Las Vegas, USA.

      cNFTcon, Cardano Community & Learning.
  • Twitter Space

    • Epochs End

      Hosting a Twitter Space at the end of each epoch where everyone is welcome. Featuring a playful atmosphere and discussing everything from Cardano to cats.

      Epochs End, Cardano Community & Learning.
    • Bullish Dumpling

      A Cardano influencer, community builder, interviewer, and content creator. Producing content in both English and Chinese and connecting China with Cardano.

      Bullish Dumpling, Cardano Community & Learning.
    • Cardano Over Coffee

      A place to hang out and talk Cardano every weekday.

      Cardano Over Coffee, Cardano Community & Learning.
  • Blog

    • Academia Cardano

      A Spanish language resource for learning everything there is know about Cardano in one place; en Español.

      Academia Cardano, Cardano Community & Learning.
    • AdaPulse

      A digital media resource covering news and projects within the Cardano ecosystem.

      AdaPulse, Cardano Community & Learning.
    • Sustainable ADA

      Collating news on Cardano’s sustainability and blockchain’s impact on the UN’s SDGs. With resources for educators and activists on blockchain sustainability.

      Sustainable ADA, Cardano Community & Learning.
  • Organizations

    • ADA Street Bets

      ADA Street Bets is a Cardano community group where we discuss up and coming projects on the Cardano network, with many projects from key sectors of Cardano.

      ADA Street Bets, Cardano Community & Learning.
    • WADA (West Africa Decentralized Alliance)

      Aiming to advance the future of West Africa by facilitating access to blockchain education along with business expansion and consulting services.

      WADA (West Africa Decentralized Alliance), Cardano Community & Learning.

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