Cardans Club

Club with sweepstakes, prizes, utilities with bots and apps, exclusive content (videos and articles), profit and royalty sharing, member contests and much more.

We are a club conceived at the beginning of April 2022, we concluded our planning and internal executions at the end of July 2022 and finally, we started the disclosures, partnerships, etc. at the beginning of September 2022.

We will have several events and actions where we will carry out with the members among sweepstakes, rewards, raffles, various actions, many utilities with CNFTip Bot, App, Pay & Helpers and content with Club Pocket Content. We will support artists and bring some more benefits with Club Artists Day, we will also support actions with Member Help Day.

We will bring other projects to the club such as WhatIf...Ada, where we will have benefits for members and part of the profit destined to internal actions and the Power of Women Collection that will give extra access to non-members.

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