Curating digital spaces and services to help connect people and foster communication and collaboration on ideas. Featuring a calendar of Cardano Twitter Spaces.

ADACafé aims to be more than just a resource and place for people to meet. ADACafé is a “cooperative, multidisciplinary hub” that, by design, aims to create and foster progress and collaboration in the Cardano space.

As a first step toward this goal ADACafé have listed, and created a calendar of, all the regularly scheduled Cardano spaces that are not run by specific projects. These are the ADA spaces aim more toward the general ADA, or ADA curious user. They have also partnered with creators and artist from inside and outside the space for NFTs and NFVs. NFVs are non-fungible visualizations. They are a form of NFT that are connected to, and display, dynamic data points. NFVs are explained in more detail in this video.

Education and Onboarding

One of ADACafé’s goals is to provide new and existing members of the Cardano community with educational materials that help to bring them into the world of Cardano and offer them a space where they can meet, discuss, and, collaborate with each other and existing members of the Cardano world.

Beyond education and onboarding, ADACafé aims to provide technical services and guidance to the cardano community.

ADACafé aims, in time, to be governed by its members through a DAO.

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