A community of interactive fun games. Win real prizes and give to charity by playing along. Cardano puzzle brings people together.

ROADMAP Our roadmap is being built one piece of the puzzle at a time to complete a beautiful outcome. Unlike other projects with promises and nothing concrete, here we puzzle things backwards by creating a fun, exciting and loyal community first, to bring like-minded people to a vibrant ecosystem of exciting big projects being currently built on the Cardano blockchain.

By joining us, you will see what we are capable of. You will feel the excitement, through the interactions of our community of passionate competitors, looking for a good time and to earn real prizes.

You will be sure to tag us all along the way of this project and to tell others to get involved, by doing so you are doing charity yourself as the more competitors we have playing the more we give back to charity through fun exciting games… Get on board! WAGMI

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