Acronym DAO

A DAO that buys NFT for bulk prices and sells them to its members for these prices. Also offering members loans on their blue chip Cardano NFTs.

Acronym DAO shares a Discord with Lending Pond and their membership NFTs are verified on the paltform and can be lent through it.

Then eventual plan is to have seven "Tribes" in the DAO, each with it's own NFT collection, who votes will be counted like the political system in the USA i.e. members of a Tribe vote to determine the Tribes's overall decision. Then all seven Tribes votes are counted to find out the communities decision.

NFT Collateral Loans

Member of Acronym DAO can deposit their blue chip Cardano NFTs into the DAOs vault and receive a loan for up to 60% of the NFTs value from the DAOs treasury.

Bulk NFT Purchases

A portion of the DAOs funds are set aside to buy NFTs in bulk at discounted prices. Then selling them to members for the bulk price.

Fractionalized NFTs

The whitepaper says the DAO will take advantage of Fractionalized NFTs however the details of how they will be used or which NFTs will be fractionalized is not stated.

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