Sustainable ADA

Collating news on Cardano’s sustainability and blockchain’s impact on the UN’s SDGs. With resources for educators and activists on blockchain sustainability.

Sustainable ADA was created to provide a resource for those looking to learn more about the connections between Cardano, ADA, and sustainability. It is also a platform where sustainability minded folks can come together and discuss and collaborate on projects that push the mission of sustainability forward.

Sustainable ADA aims to connect people to real life examples of how specific Cardano projects and stake pools are designed to have an impact on sustainability.

The sustainable ADA platform looks to fill the gap between the projects and their impact by telling the human stories of the impact of the actions of these projects. Part of their aim is also to grow Cardano and the "people bringing it to life".

The Cardano community has chosen to align itself with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs, and the Sustainable ADA platform wants to connect the dots between Cardano, blockchain, and these SDGs, and highlight the fruits of the labor of the Cardano community in this area.

Along with being as a place where like minded people can meet and collaborate on sustainability focused projects, Sustainable ADA also aims to provide resources for educators and activists so that they can constructively teach others about the benefits of blockchains in the sustainability space.

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