Local Meetups

Cardano might exist online but we all love to meet face-to-face! Here are resources for virtual and real-world meetups based on locality. Is there one near you?

The internet allows us to transcend time-zones and geographies but sometimes we want to see another human in-person. While Cardano is a virtual technology the people that made and use it are very real. Many of them know the above truth and have put into action a way to meet fellow humans (and animals) who are interested in Cardano. By organizing meetups in their local area.

The main resource used to organize and find both virtual and in-person meetups featuring Cardano enthusiasts in your locality is the Cardano section of Meetup.com.

We're always looking to grow this portion of our site! If you know of any meetups that are not listed on meetup.com then please consider posting them there or reach out to us and inform us. We'd love to list them here too!

Some of these meetups are organized by the official Cardano Foundation, other are organized by Cardano enthusiasts like yourself. Feeling ambitiously enthusiastic? Here are guidelines created by the Cardano Foundation regarding how to setup a successful and ongoing Cardano meetup in your local area!

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