CNFT Awards

An annual awards ceremony for Cardano NFTs where nominees are submitted and voted for by the community.

Two of the biggest players in the Cardano NFT space, NFT-MAKER.IO PRO and CNFT.IO, have come together and gathered partners and supporters from all corners of the ecosystem to put on the inaugural CNFT Awards of 2021.


All Cardano community members were invited to submit individual NFTs to one of several categories between January 12th - 26th. These categories are:

  • Best Digital Art
  • Most Impactful
  • Best Collectible
  • Most Inovative
  • Zeitgeist CNFT
  • Best Community Driven
  • Best Roadmap
  • Best Generative Art
  • CNFT of the Year 2021

When you nominated an NFT you were not nominating the project as a whole, instead you were nominating a single NFT from that project.

Filtering and Voting

After voting, the official partners and supporters of the CNFT Awards analyzed each NFT submission and narrowed the results down to 5 NFTs in each category. This phase of the timeline lasts for 11 days.

On February 7th these final 5 NFTs for each category are announced to the community and on-chain voting is opened up to every ADA holder.

Voting closes after 5 days, on February 12th, and then what is being called “the big count” begins. This lasts for 5 days, from February 13th to February 18th.

An Awards Show

On February 19th the big awards night is held! This will be held on YouTube. The winners will be announced and there will be special guest appearances from members of the Cardano community.

The CNFT Awards have called themselves the “Official Cardano NFT Awards” But, in the decentralized world we are building how do we come to defines the word official? Can anything like this be "official"?

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