Nerd Out

A highly informative YouTube channel where technical topics are broken down in a simple manner. Also with guides and deep dive interviews with Cardano projects.

The Nerd Out YouTube channel has been created, and is run by, Andrew Westberg; the creator and maintainer of multiple Cardano tools. His videos break down a wide variety of technical topics in Cardano, and these breakdowns enable those who are less technically inclined to grasp different concepts and capabilities of the Cardano blockchain.

"Nerd Out, the show where we take a look at Cardano, we break it down but we don't dumb it down." - Andrew Westberg, Creator and Host

Mixed in amongst these videos discussing the technical ins-and-outs of Cardano are guides for things like creating your own fungible token on Cardano, interviews which conduct deep dives into projects in the Cardano ecosystem, along with videos that, without interviewing anyone, dive into the goings on and updates for particular projects in the Cardano ecosystem.

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