Rats DAO

A NFT buying DAO that purchases blue chip NFTs.

The Rats DAO have minted genesis tokens, NFTs, and owners of these will receive an airdrop of $RATS token. This token will become the governance token of the DAO once everything is set up.

Soon will come another minting of membership tokens, NFTs. Staking genesis, membership tokens, or $RATS tokens themselves, is how a user earns $RATS tokens that then allow them to participate in the DAO.

Distribution of Funds

From the initial minting of the membership tokens 25% of the funds go to the developers and 75% go to the Rats DAO treasury.

It is said that 3% of secondary market sales will go to the developers and 7% will go to the Rats DAO treasury. It is unclear what happens to the other 90% or if there are just 0s missing from these numbers.

In the future the creator of the DAO see an integration of DeFi and the metaverse

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