Cardano RealFi

A newsletter and Twitter Space with a focus on Cardano DeFi and RealFi projects.

The Cardano RealFi Twitter Spaces are hosted by Twitter user @SubcriticalTV who is also the author of the Cardano RealFi newsletter. View previous editions of the newsletter and subscribe here.

Twitter Spaces

The Cardano RealFi Twitter Spaces feature, as expected, interviews with members of DeFi projects building on the Cardano blockchain. There are, much less regularly, Twitter Spaces focused around other, more technical or ecosystem hot topics.


Released roughly every 1-2 weeks the Cardano RealFi newsletter provides a succinct and easy to digest update of the goings on in the Cardano DeFi and token space. As well as providing information this newsletter is also full of links, allowing the user to dive straight into the release, conversation, video, or article, discussed in the newsletter.

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