A DAO working on driving a Cardano community in Latin America, using Cardano to decentralize multiple aspects of life for a Spanish speaking community.

A DAO with the mission to:

enable change in Latin America by creating an ecosystem that will allow people to come together to communicate, self-govern, produce and trade as a Decentralized and Autonomous Community, with no third parties and with no central entities that may exercise any type of censorship in these interactions.

ALDEA stands for América Latina Descentralizada y Autónoma, and also means "small village" or "hamlet" in Spanish, further entrenching the concept of community in the DAO. The goal of ALDEA is to create tools that facilitate the decentralization of four aspects of life in Latin America:

  • Communication
  • Governance
  • Law
  • Finance

True to a DAO, ALDEA has no hierarchy and a transparent voting system secured by smart contracts. Smart contracts are used to secure the ALDEA treasury, voting system, governance system, and to resolve disputes. The treasuring is contributed to by stakepools that have signed up and in return they receive $ALDEA governance tokens.

ALDEA also hosts a Telegram Event every Wednesday at 7pm UTC

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