Cardano Project Graveyard

  • Failed Project

    • Ardana

      An over-collateralized, stablecoin-based protocol offering a multi-asset pool DEX and enabling borrowing against over-collateralized assets.

      Ardana, Cardano Project Graveyard.
    • Virtual Machines

      Opening up Cardano to the Solidity/Ethereum and wider blockchain community through the K framework.

      Virtual Machines, Cardano Project Graveyard.
      Virtual Machines
    • Cardano Token Tool

      A searchable list of the 43000+ tokens currently minted on the Cardano blockchain.

      Cardano Token Tool, Cardano Project Graveyard.
      Cardano Token Tool
    • SassyShark

      A collection of 10,000 unique, hand-drawn NFTs with the goal of raising ocean awareness and providing a positive impact on sea life.

      SassyShark, Cardano Project Graveyard.
    • Artifct

      An NFT marketplace for auctioning and trading NFTs with a focus on Art and photography NFTs.

      Artifct, Cardano Project Graveyard.
    • TokenRef

      A library of NFT collections where each collection has its own dedicated page and users can search the collection by specific traits to find their perfect NFT.

      TokenRef, Cardano Project Graveyard.
    • CryptoDoggies

      Into its second season this dog based NFT collection encourages charitable donations during initial purchase, these go to community voted animal charities.

      CryptoDoggies, Cardano Project Graveyard.

      Publisher of CNFT MAG and home to CNFT Project Directory, Drop Calendar and Infrastructure HUB., Cardano Project Graveyard.
    • Cardano Comics

      Calling back to amazing comic covers and using them to feature the figures of the Cardano community.

      Cardano Comics, Cardano Project Graveyard.
      Cardano Comics
    • CARdano4SPEED

      A play-to-earn NFT game where NFT owners race their car against others to earn XP points and prizes. Cars can be customized and rented to other racers.

      CARdano4SPEED, Cardano Project Graveyard.
    • The Bull Boon

      Crypto Boons Inc. Bullish on Boons, Boonish on Bulls.

      The Bull Boon, Cardano Project Graveyard.
      The Bull Boon
    • Tarot Cardano NFTs

      Tarot card NFTs created by popular artists. Each season is a new themed deck with varying rarities. What's in your future?

      Tarot Cardano NFTs, Cardano Project Graveyard.
      Tarot Cardano NFTs
    • Mad in Art

      Combining fine art with digital graphic design to create NFTs from real world art.

      Mad in Art, Cardano Project Graveyard.
      Mad in Art
    • CryptoMage

      The planet's crystal core shattered. Everyone began to crystalize, a few Mages (NFTs) banded together to survive. The race to free the others mages is on.

      CryptoMage, Cardano Project Graveyard.
    • Cardano Dragonz

      A collection of hand-drawn, algorithmically generated NFT Dragonz. A game involving them will begin development in late 2022.

      Cardano Dragonz, Cardano Project Graveyard.
      Cardano Dragonz
    • Cicada Tactics

      A Multiplayer Tactical RPG. Play your Cicada on a tactical game board. A NFT on the blockchain contains the initial stats, elements of your RPG character.

      Cicada Tactics, Cardano Project Graveyard.
      Cicada Tactics
    • Doodz

      From over 750 million possible combinations come 2500 Socca Doodz. Owners can mint trading cards from their Dood to use as they wish.

      Doodz, Cardano Project Graveyard.
    • PriceArt

      Generative CNFTs modeled with historical Cardano price data. Each NFT is a unique one-of-a-kind piece.

      PriceArt, Cardano Project Graveyard.
    • Somint

      An art marketplace; currently under development. Coming from the understanding that current systems don’t favor the artist.

      Somint, Cardano Project Graveyard.
    • Cardano File Certification

      hash file secure data proof data file certification certification EMail contract art

      Cardano File Certification, Cardano Project Graveyard.
      Cardano File Certification
    • Dripada

      Users comment, like, and follow projects that use this service in order to earn rewards in the project's native token.

      Dripada, Cardano Project Graveyard.
  • Rug Pull

    • MeowSwap

      A DEX proposing a layer 2 solution to remove computational work from the main chain to significantly increase transaction speed.

      MeowSwap, Cardano Project Graveyard.
    • WonderWhale

      A NFT collection with staking rewards, exclusive events, other utilities designed to benefit long-term holders.

      WonderWhale, Cardano Project Graveyard.
    • Verafy

      An invite-only, proprietary trading protocol. Stake-to-earn $VERA and/or fractionalize blue-chip NFTs within our DAO.

      Verafy, Cardano Project Graveyard.
    • Stigma

      An NFT card collection based around an alternative reality where the Roman Empire never fell.

      Stigma, Cardano Project Graveyard.
    • piXelTC

      NFTs aiming to bring attention to the topic of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy. Donating a portion of funds raised to further research in this field.

      piXelTC, Cardano Project Graveyard.
    • TouristA

      "Charles visits the world NFTs".

      TouristA, Cardano Project Graveyard.
    • MoonRock

      1815 MoonRock NFT will exist each with different elemental traits. Some will be more valuable than others and all will generate rewards relative to their value.

      MoonRock, Cardano Project Graveyard.
    • Ruggy Token

      Ruggy token is a new rug on Cardano.

      Ruggy Token, Cardano Project Graveyard.
      Ruggy Token
    • Ada Chicks

      An NFT collection released in series featuring unique chick wearing various outfits and accessories.

      Ada Chicks, Cardano Project Graveyard.
      Ada Chicks
    • Breast of Cardano

      Unique NFTs painted by breasts. 13% of all proceeds from NFT sales are said to be donated to breast cancer research.

      Breast of Cardano, Cardano Project Graveyard.
      Breast of Cardano
    • ADA Cyber Humans

      An NFT project with the goal of developing a meta-verse play-to-earn game.

      ADA Cyber Humans, Cardano Project Graveyard.
      ADA Cyber Humans
    • Hoskinsea

      A proposed NFT marketplace on Cardano.

      Hoskinsea, Cardano Project Graveyard.
    • ADA Fractals

      All fractals are on-chain minted, interact-able and zoomable. You can have many NFTs in one, just zoom into different parts of the fractal and screenshot!

      ADA Fractals, Cardano Project Graveyard.
      ADA Fractals
    • Orbis

      A layer 2, scaling solution using zkSNARK rollups. Increasing transaction throughput whilst keeping all three part of the scalability trilema intact.

      Orbis, Cardano Project Graveyard.
    • Rocketpad

      An IDO platform and a project accelerator, designed to leverage DeFi innovations on Cardano Ecosystem.

      Rocketpad, Cardano Project Graveyard.
  • Exit Scam

    • YaySwap

      A hybrid DEX utilizing AMM and order book style methods of settling trades. Fees are charged at 0.25% and both ADA and babel fees will be accepted.

      YaySwap, Cardano Project Graveyard.
    • Hard Blue

      A proposed “long-term substitute to Bitcoin” as a store of value, aiming to accomplish this goal through pure promotion.

      Hard Blue, Cardano Project Graveyard.
      Hard Blue
    • Ravendex

      An AMM Dex with a staking platform and NFT collection of pixel birds.

      Ravendex, Cardano Project Graveyard.

Not everyone makes it. Here projects are put to rest so those who come after can see who's shoulders they're stand on.

Side note: Read the following in your preferred Presidential tone of voice

Here lie the projects who, sadly, met a premature end.

Some of these were scams, with their prematures ends weaved deeply into their cruel plans of deceit as they designed to trick the people of the world into handing over their investments in good faith. we bid no farewells to these pseudo-projects. We shall shed no tears over their demise. We shall offer them no parting words besides: GOOD RIDDANCE!!

But this is not about them. This internet monument has been erected to pay tribute to all the projects who tried. To those who tried, in good faith, to provide services to the Cardinians of the world. Those who fought boldly -and with hope!- against day jobs and grueling 9-5s. Those who drove onwards with relenting passions, striving to go where no projects may have gone before! Those who followed their innate desires to have an impact on this world we call home; and to make it a better place for all. And we thank you.

You are those who did not make it. Those who did not manage to overcome the hurdle of profitability, or investment, or any other term which our capitalist society deems that it can use to define success. To those listed here we tell you: you were a success. You were a success because you tried. You were a success because it is your shoulder's on which the projects we use today stand. You were a success because, in order for us all to make it, someone had to fail. We thank you.

Farewell dear projects. You will forever be embossed here: in 1s and 0s.

To those of us that remain:

Let us proceed together apace.